About Lee Anne Cowart Interiors

Creating Timeless Spaces Since 1989

Welcome to Lee Anne Cowart Interiors, where creativity and design expertise come together to transform spaces into works of art. With over three decades of experience, Lee Anne has been shaping interiors that tell stories of elegance, functionality, and lasting beauty. Our studio is nestled in the heart of Thomson, Georgia, but our influence stretches far and wide, from Destin to Williamsburg, Highlands North Carolina to Miami.

Lee Anne Cowart Interior Designer in Thomson GA

Lee Anne’s journey in the world of design began at Georgia Southern in 1981, where her passion for interior design ignited. Her leadership as the president of the student chapter of ASID for two years showcased her commitment to excellence. This foundation led her to her first steps in the industry, working at Ethan Allen in Macon, Georgia. The spark of inspiration from her time in Danbury, Connecticut, nurtured her affection for historical and traditional furniture, becoming the cornerstone of her design philosophy.

Specializing in renovations and additions, with a keen focus on kitchens and bathrooms, Lee Anne Cowart Interiors brings dreams to life with each project. Space planning is her forte, ensuring every inch is optimized for both beauty and practicality. From upholstery to window treatments, lighting to cabinets, rugs to outdoor furniture, antiques to wall coverings, our studio provides a holistic array of offerings to cater to every client’s vision.

With a portfolio that spans the spectrum from Traditional, Transitional to Contemporary, Lee Anne’s creativity knows no bounds. She has left her mark on banks, airports, car dealerships, primary residences, and vacation homes alike. Through meticulous attention to detail and a passion for excellence, Lee Anne Cowart Interiors has become a trusted name in the world of design.

As the heart and soul of the studio, Lee Anne’s goal is simple yet profound: to craft environments that stand the test of time. Every design is a testament to her dedication to creating spaces that capture the essence of her clients’ aspirations, ensuring they remain as beautiful and relevant for years to come.

Step into Lee Anne Cowart Interiors and embark on a journey of design, where the past seamlessly intertwines with the present, and where visions of tomorrow come to life today. Let us be your partner in transforming your space into a masterpiece that reflects your individuality and endures the passage of time.