Home Addition & Renovation Services in Augusta, GA

Homeowners often consider expansions to their properties for a myriad of reasons, ranging from the desire for a luxurious master bathroom or enclosed sunroom, to the need for a more spacious kitchen. Such additions not only enhance the functionality but also have the potential to elevate the value of the property, should you choose to sell in the future.

At Lee Anne Cowart Interiors, our expert interior design team specializes in facilitating these enhancements. In collaboration with a network of esteemed architects and engineers, we meticulously oversee every phase to ensure every curve, line, and space is meticulously planned to ensure structural integrity and visual harmony.

Designing A New Home Addition

An addition or renovation isn’t complete without the experienced touch of an interior designer. With an extensive background in designing home additions for clients throughout the Southeastern United States, you can trust that Lee Anne Cowart Interiors understands the intricacies of such undertakings. At the heart of this process is:

Structural Synchronization

Blending the new with the existing and ensuring the addition aligns structurally and aesthetically with the original layout.

Spatial Optimization

Innovatively utilizing every square inch for function, while ensuring fluidity throughout the space.

Aesthetic Integration

Marrying present decor with the new for a seamless transition between spaces and exhibiting a unified design language.

The Distinctiveness of Lee Ann Cowart Interiors

At Lee Anne Cowart Interiors, open communication and collaboration are highlighted in each home addition project we take on, ensuring that our designs align with both your practical needs and stylistic preferences.

Serving Augusta and other prominent areas across the Southeastern United States, including Athens, Savannah, Sandersville, Elberton, and St. Simons Island, we invite you to experience unparalleled design excellence. Reach out to Lee Anne Cowart Interiors at (706)-597-8095 to further discuss your home addition aspirations.